Three Window Styles That Help Ventilate And Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning


It may not feel like it now, but it won't be that long before warmer temperatures arrive. If your home does not have air conditioning, the approach of hotter temperatures, no matter how many months away, isn't a welcome event. However, you can mitigate the heat somewhat by keeping windows open and ensuring each room in the home has at least a way for air to circulate in and out, if not form a cross-breeze.

30 November 2021

Get A Lot Of Rain In Your Area? Types Of Waterproofing You Need To Do


If you get a lot of rain in your area, you never know if you will get a flood. Because of this, you need to waterproof your home. There are different ways you can do this; two of which are listed below.  Waterproof Your Basement If your home has a basement, this is one of the first things you should waterproof. An interior French drain is often used to do this.

18 October 2021

What Are Your Options to Protect Your Home From Hurricanes?


Do you live in an area that tends to see a lot of hurricanes and strong winds over the years? If so, you are likely looking into ways to better protect your home to minimize damage. Here are some of your options that will give your home the protection that you need.  Kevlar Screens When people think of hurricane protection they often think of hurricane shutters. However, one option that can be more affordable is using a Kevlar screen that offers similar protection.

1 September 2021

3 Benefits Of Using Soundproof Window Treatments


It's not easy to live without noise: it's everywhere. If too much noise is coming into your home, living and sleeping peacefully can be difficult. Luckily, soundproof window treatments can shield this nuisance from coming into your house. If you have them installed in your home, you won't have to worry about noisy neighbors, construction outside your home, or traffic on the street below. This article outlines three benefits of soundproof window treatments.

3 August 2021

5 Ways To Tell It's Time For Window Replacement


With the exposure to harsh weather, your windows can deteriorate over a long period. This affects their performance and appearance. Fortunately, window replacement offers an opportunity to improve your home's curb appeal, energy efficiency, and security.   Here are some signs that you need new windows. 1. High Energy Bill You can open the windows in hot weather to let in the cool breeze. This reduces your reliance on the AC system and saves money.

7 June 2021

5 Things To Look For In A Roofing Company


The first step for any roof replacement is hiring the roofing company that is best suited to the job. Know what you need to look for so you can make the right choice. 1. Request Referrals Any roofer you interview should be willing to provide you a list of testimonials from past clients, and this list should include at least a few references that you can follow up with. If the roofer is hesitant to provide this information, there is likely a reason since most companies are proud to show off the quality of their work and the satisfaction of former clients.

5 May 2021

Why Should You Consider Installing Custom Blinds?


In case you are thinking of upgrading your office or home, you should include window treatment. Otherwise, the upgrade might not effectively transform your house or office. If you currently cover your windows with traditional curtains, it is time you tried custom blinds. Depending on the colors and texture of the revamp you are planning on, you can apply it to your blinds for a great look. So, what makes custom blinds stand out from the pre-cuts on the shelves?

15 March 2021