Three Safety Tips For Cleaning Your Own Eavestroughing


As a homeowner, cleaning your own eavestroughing is a regular task to ensure this system works properly. Although it's best to have professional eavestroughers handle repairs and installation of eavestroughing, the average homeowner can safely clean this network of gutters and downspouts after reading up on the topic online. If you've familiarized yourself with the job at hand and you're ready to tackle it, take a moment to consider safety. This task isn't without its share of risks, but keeping safety in mind will minimize your risk of an accident.

8 October 2015

4 Huge Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Siding


Siding installation is typically not recommended as a DIY job due to its complexity, but for those looking to save money on their new siding, it is possible for homeowners to take on this project themselves--assuming they have some decent handy-work skills and the right tools. Should you decide to install your own siding, however, there are some important mistakes that you'll want to avoid to ensure a long-lasting siding job that looks great and adds to your home's curb appeal.

10 September 2015