4 Answers To Your Questions About Replacement Window Home Renovation Projects


When it comes time to do renovations to your home, one of the things that you want to do, aside from installing a glass railing around your pool maybe, is replace old outdated windows. Replacement windows are a good option, which can give your homes windows a fresh look. In addition to replacements, there are also other window improvements that you may want to do. You probably have some questions about replacement windows and some of the other improvements that are worth the investment.

17 July 2017

Deciding What You Want To Get Out Of Your New Windows


When you are replacing old windows with new ones, it is important to understand the goals that you want to achieve. Once you are aware of what you are trying to accomplish, you will be able to make your home a much more comfortable place to live.  The View Determine the viewing area you will want. There are some windows that may not be large enough to provide you with an adequate viewing area, which is why it is important to have your windows custom-fitted.

30 June 2017

Is Your Weather Stripping Worn Out On Your Double-Hung Window? Fix It Easily This Summer


If you want to keep the cold out in the wintertime and keep the cool air inside of your house in the summertime, cutting down on drafts is extremely important. One of the major source of drafts in homes comes from around the window area. If the weather stripping around your double-hung window is old, worn-out or just not even there to start with, you need to make it a priority to install new weather stripping to all of your double-hung windows in your home this summer.

14 June 2017

Three Ways To Avoid Problems And Accidents While Cleaning Your Gutters


Gutter cleaning is supposed to be a semi-annual chore, although some people do it more frequently or even less frequently. With such a regular activity, it's important that you establish a routine and especially proper technique so that you don't accidentally create a need for gutter repair roof repair (or face danger yourself) during one of these gutter cleaning expeditions. Here are three ways to avoid accidentally causing a problem while gutter cleaning.

27 May 2017

3-Step Guide For Repairing Cracks In Your Home's Wooden Window Frames


If your home's wooden windows have several cracks in their frames, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to repair them. If so, use the following three-step guide to fill in the cracks to keep them from getting bigger and prevent the wood from rotting. Step 1:  Scrape Off Any Loose Paint Around The Cracks Before you start filling the cracks, this first step is to scrape off any loose paint around them.

15 May 2017

Four Material Options For The Frames Of Your Replacement Windows


Every homeowner needs to replace the windows on his or her home at some point in time; this is simply a part of home ownership. However, when you are replacing frames for the windows, there are several options you should consider. The following re among the most popular. Vinyl window frames This is at the top of the list for many homeowners for a few reasons. One, vinyl frames do not take much maintenance after installation, and are easy to clean.

2 May 2017

Why Window Tinting Is A Good Idea For Your New Home Office


When you set up a new home office, you probably consider things like ergonomic seating and computer equipment. You may not think about how the windows in the room will affect your mood and productivity. They can boost your morale by keeping you connected with the outside world or they can annoy you with heat and glare. Window tinting can help overcome any problems caused by the windows in your work area.

11 April 2016

Don't Live In The Gutter: Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Your Home's Eavestroughing


Cleaning out your home's gutters and giving them a good wash isn't only good for your property's curb appeal, it could save you money down the road. When you gutter troughs become full of heavy dirt and debris, they can sag which may subsequently leak. Leaking gutters can stain the side of your house, seep into your foundation, and trap water, causing damage to the structure.   Avoiding these problems is easy; use these tips to keep your gutter system clean and intact:

11 January 2016

4 Important Considerations When Choosing Drapery Tracks


When it comes to selecting a custom drapery option for one of your home interiors, the drapery track selection you make is almost as important as selecting the drapery material itself. Curtains and drapes are hung up on a track that allows them to be opened or closed across your windows. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to selecting tracks for window fixtures. The following are the four most important considerations in choosing the right solution:

2 November 2015

Three Safety Tips For Cleaning Your Own Eavestroughing


As a homeowner, cleaning your own eavestroughing is a regular task to ensure this system works properly. Although it's best to have professional eavestroughers handle repairs and installation of eavestroughing, the average homeowner can safely clean this network of gutters and downspouts after reading up on the topic online. If you've familiarized yourself with the job at hand and you're ready to tackle it, take a moment to consider safety. This task isn't without its share of risks, but keeping safety in mind will minimize your risk of an accident.

8 October 2015