Preventing Condensation, Stopping Drafts and Other Challenges With Windows

Windows are the eyes to a house's soul – if your windows are big and beautiful so too is your home, but they can also include a range of challenges as well. With sub par windows, you can look forward to a drafty home with high heating bills. Similarly, there are also moisture issues – for example, if you don't seal the space between your double panes securely enough, you will get a build up of condensation. Having lived in old houses and having helped choose the windows for new houses, I'm familiar with a range of challenges associated with windows. If you want tips and ideas, you've come to the right spot. Please, explore and enjoy.

Why You Should Upgrade To Double-Hung Windows


If you're going to have new windows put in your home, you may want to update them to a different style. Replacement windows need to fit the size of the opening in your home, but you can choose any style you like. If you have single-hung windows now, you may want to get double-hung windows when your old ones are replaced. Here are some advantages of double-hung windows.

Cleaning The Exterior Glass Is Easy

One of the biggest benefits of double-hung windows is that both of the sashes tilt inside your house. That means you can clean the inside and outside of the glass while inside your home. No more balancing on an unsteady ladder in soft soil or using a brush on a long handle that does a poor job of cleaning. You can simply tilt the sash so you can reach the exterior side of the glass to clean it while standing safely inside your home. Since it is much easier to clean the glass, you won't have to put off a chore that you dread. You can clean the glass on a regular basis during all seasons so your windows are always sparkling clean and clear.

Air Can Flow Through The Top Of The Window

Double-hung windows operate a little differently than single-hung windows, but that doesn't make them less energy-efficient. You can choose the amount of energy efficiency you want by choosing insulated glass and insulated frames. The difference is that both sashes move up and down in a double-hung window. With a traditional single-hung window, the top sash doesn't move. If you want to let in a breeze, you have to open the bottom sash. With a double-hung window, you can keep the lower sash closed and open the top one. You may want to do this so you can enjoy a cool breeze while maintaining your privacy. You may also feel safer with the bottom of the window closed since it would take a little more work and make more noise for an intruder to climb through an upper window.

In addition to the above advantages, double-hung replacement windows can be a good investment for your home. Since they are more convenient than single-hung windows, they are a popular option today, and that could make your home more valuable and desirable when you want to sell it. They have an attractive appearance from the inside and outside, so they look good while providing you with more options than a single-hung window style.


29 April 2018