Preventing Condensation, Stopping Drafts and Other Challenges With Windows

Windows are the eyes to a house's soul – if your windows are big and beautiful so too is your home, but they can also include a range of challenges as well. With sub par windows, you can look forward to a drafty home with high heating bills. Similarly, there are also moisture issues – for example, if you don't seal the space between your double panes securely enough, you will get a build up of condensation. Having lived in old houses and having helped choose the windows for new houses, I'm familiar with a range of challenges associated with windows. If you want tips and ideas, you've come to the right spot. Please, explore and enjoy.

Four Reasons To Consider Installing A Skylight


Skylights are a distinct type of roofing installation that are, effectively, windows installed on your roof. This unique method of installation confers a number of benefits to your home: understanding what a skylight has to offer can help you figure out if the installation of one is the right fit for your roof or remodeling project.

Increased Natural Light

The major, and also the most obvious, benefit associated with installing a skylight in your home is the fact that it will provide an increased amount of natural light into your home. This is particularly relevant for rooms in the middle of your home that would otherwise not receive any natural light, as installing a skylight can help expand the space of your interior design and create a more visually appealing décor.

Privacy Benefits

An additional benefit of installing a skylight, particularly in bedrooms and bathrooms, is the fact that a skylight will afford a certain level of privacy over traditional windows. A room that has both skylights and windows installed in it allows you to close the blinds to block any intruding views from reaching you while allowing you to still enjoy a certain degree of natural lighting.

Reduce Energy Bills and Environmental Benefits

Beyond the benefits of blocking other people's views into your home and increasing the amount of natural light that individual rooms receive, a skylight can also help you cut down on your energy bills by reducing the amount of artificial lighting that you will need to use within your home. Not only will this save you money each month due to reduced usage, but you will also decrease your environmental impact as a result, both through reduced energy usage and reduced material usage of fewer lightbulbs over time. Therefore, installing skylights can help you and your family create a greener household with a smaller carbon footprint.

Improve Ventilation

Finally, it should also be noted that skylights can allow you to improve the ventilation and air circulation that the interior of your home receives, especially if installed in a room that otherwise has no windows or doors. Different models of skylights can open either manually or through an electric motor and can provide a pathway for fresh air to spread throughout your home. This can also help cut down on high levels of humidity in particular rooms, like kitchens and bathrooms, which do not have adequate ventilation.

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19 January 2018