Preventing Condensation, Stopping Drafts and Other Challenges With Windows

Windows are the eyes to a house's soul – if your windows are big and beautiful so too is your home, but they can also include a range of challenges as well. With sub par windows, you can look forward to a drafty home with high heating bills. Similarly, there are also moisture issues – for example, if you don't seal the space between your double panes securely enough, you will get a build up of condensation. Having lived in old houses and having helped choose the windows for new houses, I'm familiar with a range of challenges associated with windows. If you want tips and ideas, you've come to the right spot. Please, explore and enjoy.

Don't Live In The Gutter: Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Your Home's Eavestroughing


Cleaning out your home's gutters and giving them a good wash isn't only good for your property's curb appeal, it could save you money down the road. When you gutter troughs become full of heavy dirt and debris, they can sag which may subsequently leak. Leaking gutters can stain the side of your house, seep into your foundation, and trap water, causing damage to the structure.  

Avoiding these problems is easy; use these tips to keep your gutter system clean and intact:

Clean gutter troughs periodically with professional help.

Be careful if you opt to clean your own gutters; it can be challenging to access the segments of the eavestroughing that are near the roof. Use a mild cleaning solution and water for metal or plastic segments. It is much easier to hire professionals to come and power wash the system and clear out the troughs, as they may be able to identify any potential problem early on.

Keep an eye out for leaks.

When it rains or you are washing your gutters, keep an eye out for leaks. Watch the water and see where it goes; does it make it all the way to the down-spout? If not, look for the areas between segments that could have sprung a leak.

Do what you can to prevent sags.

When gutters sag, they inevitably leak. To preserve your gutters and prevent sagging, treat them gently and keep them clean. Don't ever use the gutters as a support for a ladder when working on your house, as this puts a lot of undue pressure and strain on your system. 

Replace or make repairs promptly.

Your home's gutters are one of those things that you want to fix promptly, or you risk making the situation much worse. For example, if your gutters sag and wobble, they could break free in a storm and wreak havoc and cause damage.

Caulk around hardware for added assurance.

When you have screw together trough segments for your system, there is a possibility of it leaking around this connecting point. The best way to prevent this is to use caulking around, over, and across the screws and the hole that the segments are connected with. area at some point. 

Make time and take care to keep your home's gutters clean and debris-free. It is worth investing in a gutter cleaning professional, to clean the system annually and identify any leaks, sags, or problem areas. Help your gutters guide water away from your home and curb potential water damage, mold, and expense from clogged or faulty gutters.  


11 January 2016